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Since the millennium, we have seen dramatic changes: the dot-com bubble, the crash of 2008, realisation that our harming of our planet is not sustainable (climate change is just a part of this), the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent move towards Hybrid Working, the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement and awareness at last that discrimination of any sort is unacceptable, growth of entrepreneurs who break the mould and disrupt established business, greatly increased use of executive coaching.

Innovation & Growth.

These are all linked and impact every organisation and every individual. They can also be hard to address; even scary.

These are the areas I work with.

My background is in executive and non-executive roles in fast paced industries where the link between business, technology and the environment is hard to define but key to success and where innovation and change are constant requirements. My original path as a chartered engineer has been a factor; engineering is all about innovation, change and the interface between business, technology and the environment.

My coaching takes full advantage of this experience. I use it to inform my work with executives, non-executive directors and entrepreneurs and to help them achieve their goals. I hold an ILM7 qualification in executive coaching and am a Member of the Association for Coaching.

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