Back in November 2021, Prof David Clutterbuck published an excellent article entitled ‘Becomingness: a critical element of coaching and mentoring’. This starts with (and I quote): One of the many myths of coaching and mentoring is that personal growth is primarily a planned activity – so coaches and mentors should concentrate on helping people to READ MORE

Executive and Non-Executive Coaching in the New Normal

Hybrid working, sustainability, the new normal. We all know the stock phrase ‘change is the only constant’. It’s as true today as it’s always been, though the rate of change is perhaps greater than before. We al know that for many organisations the last two years have been difficult and leaders are facing significant challenges READ MORE

Introducing Kickstart and Take-off Coaching Programmes

Kickstart and Take-off are two linked programmes that help people – looking into non-executive roles – newly promoted to senior manager or executive level – changing companies at a senior/executive level These programmes can help you step up to a new role with confidence and clarity. Kickstart is a two-session programme which is all about READ MORE

Multi-Platform Work Environment & Hybrid Working

How does a multiplatform organisation change and adapt to the next normal? For some, already working in a dynamic hybrid culture, the next normal will just be the next step. For other organisations, it means revolution. In one friend’s organisation those in manufacture are on site, whilst office staff are mainly working from home. There’s READ MORE

Required return to office; the impact on the organisation, staff and environment.

Please note this post is about ‘office only’ environments; I’m aware there are many other work environments where the contents of this post cannot apply. I’m trying to understand why some organisations are requiring all staff to return to working in the office full time. I’m struggling to find a reason that is positive for READ MORE

The working from home debate; the impact on executives

In my previous post I mentioned I have worked remotely for many years with frequent visits to my clients. Most of these were international, so remote working was a more obvious approach – but some were UK organisations. Many companies in fast moving industries take a direct approach; they want the best people with the READ MORE

Lockdowns and re-starts; the impact on executives

Like many on LinkedIn, I was asked to contribute on managing career uncertainty during the pandemic. After reading some of the posts and watching the video, I had a different question to ask and so this post. I’ve worked mostly from home for many years, with frequent visits to international clients. With the first lockdown READ MORE