getting ready for coaching

You may have noticed all the buttons from the coaching page link to here.

That's because the process is the same. Let's say you have contacted me about coaching. We have had an exploratory conversation and agreed to move forward. I supply a client profile form which you complete and return to me. This gives me a starting place.

We now discuss your goals in outline. At this time I am likely to suggest one or more profiling / psychometric exercises.

You complete these exercises, the results are returned to me. Whilst this is going on, I research your industry, your role and other pertinent aspects.
The scene is set and we can proceed to the first session.

If you represent an organisation then the process tends to be rather more formal and I suggest you download and read this document: Contact to Contract to Coaching.

al ritchie biog

My working life has been predominantly around change and innovation, whether as a chartered engineer or in an executive director, non-executive director or project director role. I have also run a design and consultancy company for many years, providing solutions for companies and individuals around change, innovation and growth.

As an Executive Coach, I work with and support individuals and organisations who want to grow and innovate, change and adapt, in line with economic, social and environmental sustainability

coaching for change, sustainability, innovation and growth

Organisations and Leaders have to adapt and change to meet the needs of today and tomorrow. The world is changing ever faster and requires immediate responses to new and existing challenges. Changing markets, governance requirements, ways of doing business and of working and sustainability; these all require leadership to care, innovate and adapt on a daily basis.

My clients broadly fall into four groups:

  • Team Coaching of Boards and Senior Teams
  • Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) – aspiring, new and established
  • UK organisations and individuals (at Executive / Senior level) wanting to change, transition and innovate
  • Start-ups that break the mould

I also support people wanting to make a change for the better wherever and whenever I can.

coaching style

Coaching is all about the client. I work to maximise rapport between my client and myself. As part of that I learn about my client’s business and their role within it; this helps me better understand my client and converse with them. This in turn helps the client work with the business and/or personal issues s/he faces. I find coaching fulfilling and deeply rewarding and I do my best to also bring this aspect into the relationship with my client.

I use a planned intuitive approach in session involving coaching models appropriate for that moment together with a range of tools and exercises to support the client on their journey. This is coupled with deep listening, questioning and challenging, whilst at all times focussing on the client and providing them with the time and security of space to think, reflect and respond.

approachable professionalism

In support of the organisation and the client, I use a streamlined contracting and goal definition process, which minimises effort on the client / organisation side in contracting and moving into the coaching programme.

memberships, certifications and accreditations

Corporate Coach International ILM7
Member of the Association for Coaching
Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology; Chartered Engineer
Associate of Executive Coaching Associates
Thomas PPA® Accredited

putting it all together

programmes and sessions

A question often asked is "how long should the programme be and how many sessions?" This is very much up to you though I can give you some suggested guidance

It's hard to get anywhere beneficial in less than five sessions. At the other end of the spectrum it depends on a range of factors: how many objectives / how complex the objectives, progress made to date and commitment of the client to complete between session activities are just a few of them.

I tend to recommend seven sessions as standard. Sometimes we take six, sometimes as many as eight but seven is a good starting point.


This is the second part of the answer. Again, it's up to you but my experience suggests that weekly or fortnightly works best. More frequent makes it hard to do much between sessions and less frequent means that things can get forgotten and the momentum can drop.

length of sessions

As standard, each session is approximately 90 minutes in length. We might be a bit under or over that from time to time. Rigidity is not a benefit in coaching!

So for a typical programme there are seven sessions on a weekly basis with a total of 10.5 hours of coaching, over a period of up to two months.


Pricing and fees vary with the task in hand, the level of work, the individual(s) to be coached and various other factors. Another way of putting it is that the programme and pricing are uniquely tailored to the needs and requirements of the individual.

Once we have had our first conversation, I will be in a position to detail all likely costs and fees. This will be before you have committed to anything, of course.

so where now?

Interested and raring to start? Get in contact and we can get the ball rolling

You represent an organisation? Please contact me using whatever method works for you and making the organisational side clear (including organisation name) and the type of service you are looking for.

In the meantime, please download and read Contact to Contract to Coaching if you haven't already.

Would you like to chat first? Have a no-charge / no commitment call? There are two ways of scheduling this.

At the bottom right of this page is a button labelled 'schedule an intro call with me'. This opens a window where you select date, time and so on.

Alternatively you can use our contact form to book a call. Either way, we can have a chat around coaching, your needs and we see how well we can work together.

Or, if you just want some more information, read what I've been posting lately.