Introducing Kickstart and Take-off Coaching Programmes

Kickstart and Take-off are two linked programmes that help people

– looking into non-executive roles
– newly promoted to senior manager or executive level
– changing companies at a senior/executive level
– considering their career strategy

These programmes can help you step up to a new role with confidence and clarity.

Kickstart is a two-session programme which is all about you and what / who you want to become.

Take-off is a five-session follow-on programme that expands your focus from who/what you want to become to your professional context and how to use your goals, skills and styles to benefit you, your teams and your company.

You can find more information on the Special Programmes page of our website.

To take you first step, email us on or book a call, phone us or complete a form, whatever works best for you. Together, we can sort out the details, options and terms to get you started and launch you on your journey.