Kickstart & Take-off


Kickstart and Take-off are two linked programmes that help people being promoted to a senior manager or executive within a company, those changing companies at a senior manager or new executive level and those looking into their career strategy.

A special version of these programmes has been tailored to best help new and aspiring Non-Exec Directors.

These programmes help managers and new executives / non-execs step up to a new role with confidence and clarity.


Kickstart is a two-session programme which is all about you and what / who you want to become. Together, you complete and we discuss a small number of profiling and psychometric exercises. This helps you gain clarity on your needs and values, how these might shape your career strategy and what actually drives you.

At the end of the second session, you will be able to start completing your outline plan based on what / who you want to become and the actions and activities you need to complete to get there.

You can leave things at this point and use your plan to help move you in the direction you want to go. Alternatively, if you want to speed things up, learn more and gain more benefit you can follow on with our Take-off programme which can really make a difference.


Take-off is a five-session programme that expands your focus from who/what you want to become to your professional context and how to use your goals, skills and styles to benefit you, your teams and your company.

Please note that you will need to have completed Kickstart before starting with Take-off.

We start with several more in-depth profiling exercises that can help you understand how you are perceived by others, the roles you take on in different situations and how you best work in a team environment - whether that’s the executive team, the project team or the social team.

We use and combine this information with the outline plan you produced at the end of Kickstart. From there you start refining and pursuing your goals, strategy and the steps you need to take to succeed. By the end of the programme, you will have created a blueprint for the next stage in your career.

Joining the Programme

If you would like to join the Kickstart or Kickstart/Take-off programmes (booking the combined programme attracts a discount), you can do so right now by selecting the right link below:

Combined Kickstart & Take-off

If you would rather chat first, contact us on or book an Intro Call. Together we can sort out the details to get you started on your journey.


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